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If you want an overview of the debate about Education in Italy, you’re in the right place.

Scuolalvento looks at the challenges now faced by the Italian school system, trying to evaluate all issues in a global context and using international data and documents as primary sources, so creating a wider cultural space for the analysis of specific national phenomena.

My writing is mostly based on research studies and reports from the world’s great institutions; websites and blogs by teachers from around the world; and video and newspapers in the languages that I speak (Italian, English and French).

Scuolalvento likes to host reflections, inputs and contributions from colleagues, scholars and whoever cares deeply about the future of culture for young people.

In this page, you will find links and concise notes in English on most issues presented in the posted articles. Here are some:

My name is Francesca Salvadori, I am based in Torino, Italy, and you can reach me at info@scuolalvento.it.

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